• Deacon Ministry:
Deacons demonstrate their commitment to Christ by experiencing a
 stimulating interest in the sick, needy, and home-bound members of our
 church's family. The deacons are required to assist the pastor in every way
 possible in an effort to advance the general interest of the church.
  • Deaconess Ministry:
The challenge to the deaconess ministry is to reach the homebounds and
 any other persons for whom the church is responsible and establish a
 relationship through which they will feel that they are an integral part of
 our church's life.  The deaconess ministry will be responsible for trying to
 meet some of these needs.
  • Evangelism Ministry:
To promote evangelical Christianity; thus, keeping the church moving
forward, being soul winners, fulfilling the great commission of the church
(worship and witnessing). Continuing "in all that Jesus began both to do
and to do to teach . . ." Acts 1:1 - Luke 23:39-43
  • Church In Training Ministry:
The study of church and christian doctrine, ethics, history, polity and
 organization. It is also the responsiblity of the church training to develop
 and enhance the skills that church members need to perform the functions
 of the church.
  • Prayer & Praise Ministry:
Members should be aware of the seriousness of prayer and study, making
 known the benefits of a strong prayer life, and developing a personal
 devotional period before the start of each day.
  • Christian Education Ministry:
Ensure that church members understand the biblical basis for church
 training as well as the benefits to the church training and its members in
 having a strong and vibrant Christian Education.
  • New Members Orientation:
The New Member orientation shall work to help new members to become
an integral  part of our church family. This committee of counselors will
assist in training all new  members towards a greater appreciation of
church memvership.  This committee shall work to provide the necessary
training in church practices, policies, doctrine and programs.
  • Adult & Youth Church School:
To make greater use of religiously prepared members within the fellowship.
 To utilize the service of members who have had training in religion.
  • Men of Marsalis Ministry:
Increase the active membership, improve the method that biblical thought
 is taught, and improve communication between the various age group that
 make up the Men of Marsalis.
  • Woman's Ministry:
To be an example for the younger women of the church body and be
  equiped to give them spiritual direction.  Each member is encouraged to
  donate money, food items, and clothing, to be distributed by the Food
  Bank Committee, to the needy, as necessary.
  • Ushers &Young Adult Ushers Ministries:
To recognize that we are stewards of our influence, and therefore we must
 be gracious and graceful in our dealing with those who attend the worship
  • Nurses Ministry:
The Nurses Ministry shall be responsible to serve on a humanitarian basis
 to assist the stricken and the helpless; to give urgently necessary first aid,
 nursing care, family/child health care; to impact general advice on
 problems of health that will help one to understand the relation between
 spiritual and physical well-being; and to supply whatever preventions are
  • Greeters Ministry:
The greeters ministry will serve as a hospitality committee. This ministry
 shall work to secure the promotion of genuine christian courtesy. This
 ministry shall also be an arm to the ushers of our church and recognize
 that there is no conflict of interest in the similar yet distinct organizations.
  • Music Ministry:
To work cooperatively within the categorical frame work of the church's
total ministry, i.e., inside and outside, providing musical worship and
praise to God abd Christ in support of the church's overall objectives.
  • Married Couples Ministry:
  • Singles Ministry:
To develop a program that will focus on the needs of Singles Christian
living in today's urban society. To learn and grow together as one body
united by  Christ, as we encourage one another, while we flourish in our
walk with the Lord.
  • Pastor Support Ministry:
The Pastor Support ministry shall function as an advocate for the needs of
 the pastor and his family.
  • Sound Ministry:
The sound ministry's primary function is to meet the spiritual needs of its
  church family through CD recordings.  
  • Bus Ministry:
The Bus ministry affords us the privilege to transport members to various
  church related activities. We recognize not all member are blessed with
  trannsportation, and therefore it is our christian responsibility to address  
  those needs.
  • Culinary Ministry:
 The Culinary Ministry is responsible for all functions in the kitchen.